Chicago Drive-In is a newly founded operation to help you get some fun while social distancing. We are extremely excited to bring you this project in the hopes that we may all salvage some summer fun together!

COVID19 Rules and Guidelines:

  • 6′ social distancing must be maintained and you are required to wear a face covering if you are within 6′ of another patron or party.
  • Grilling will not be allowed right now as folks are to stay limited to their individual vehicles and not gather or socialize between groups or other vehicles.
  • Headlights and Exterior lighting must be off during the movie, no exceptions. Please research how to shut off your lights before arriving at the theater. If you cannot get your lights figured out, please bring a portable radio with you. Sound is broadcast in FM only.
  • We ask that you take home any trash you have with you when you leave. As we are always required to have patrons in vehicles and we are limiting interaction of our staff with garbage, we are asking for this favor. This is for the safety of our staff and limits cross contamination. You may ask for a trash bag with picking up food orders.


It is our goal to provide our theater community with a fun, but somewhat subdued movie experience– it is absolutely vital that these social distancing guidelines be followed at all times. We will enforce these guidelines and we ask for your patience and understanding. Should any patron not follow our guidelines, they will be asked to leave the theater immediately without refunds. This will be at the discretion of lot attendants and management.