Is the price per car or per person?

The price is per car. Bring the whole family!

How Many People are allowed per car?

As many as can legally fit within the cars capacity.

What’s the difference between preferred and GA?

Preferred guarantees you a parking spot in the first 5 rows.

What time should I show up?

We recommend showing up at least a 1/2 hr before the screening to get the best available spot.

If I don’t show up to the movie, can I get a refund?

If you bought a ticket and we show the film in it’s entirety, there will be no refunds issued so make sure you REALLY want to see the film you pay for!

Can I sit on top of my car?

We hate to be the fun police, but that’s most definitely a NO. The safety of our patrons is top priority. Also, the guy in the car behind you might let the air out of your tires in an act of revenge.

Can I sit outside my vehicle?

Yes, but we ask that there be a limit of 3 chairs outside of the vehicle per car. This will enable us to maintain social distance requirements.

Do I have to wear a mask when outside of my vehicle?

Yes, please! Added mask bonus: if your ex is in the audience they won’t be able to recognize you!

Can I bring pets, Livestock or exotic animals to the movie?

Only if they are service animals or fully grown alligators.

How do I hear the movie?

Our audio is quality FM stereo sound that is tuned directly through your car’s FM stereo! Turn your key to accessory mode to keep your stereo on. The FM station will be listed on-screen before the movie.

If my radio is busted, how do I get audio?

Stop at Target and buy a sweet new boom-box.

How do I buy candy and concessions for my screaming kids?

As of now, we will have candy, soda, chips, popcorn and hot chocolate available for purchase.

Can I bring all the old booze in my garage so I can get “spring break” wasted and make my partner drive us home?

Let’s try and keep consumption to a reasonable level so we don’t scare the kids and everybody can get home safely! During special events, coolers will be checked at the door and we will have a bar set up in the facility.

I want to ask my partner to marry me on the big screen. How can you help?

We would love to help you create memories by putting your message on our screen. There is a minimal fee and we need at least one week advance notice. Please click on “Contact Us” to send your request.

What happens if it starts raining or snowing during the movie?

Turn your windshield wipers on.

What happens if my car dies during the show?

In the rare event your battery dies, we offer a complimentary jump-start that will quickly get you on your way. Stop at our concessions tent and ask for a jump!

Will there be restrooms?

Absolutely! Due to the fact that this event is held in a parking lot, we are limited to portable toilets. Each one will be equipped with a sink as well as hand sanitizer stations outside of each unit. There will also be an attendant to sanitize the units after each use.